Land Pride SRT76

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6" Offset capability Offset allows operator to till closer to fences, buildings, sidewalks, and other objects. Hook skid steer hitch to the left side of tiller hitch plate to side shift tiller 6" to the right. Hook skid steer hitch to the right side of tiller hitch plate to center tiller on the skid steer.
Depth indicator Operator can tell how deep the tiller is working in the soil without leaving the seat.
Hydraulic depth control Operator can rotate skid steer hitch on the tiller skid shoes to any depth indicated on the depth indicator. Operator does not have to adjust skid shoes to set tiller depth.
Rotor can be operated forward or reverse Allows operator to choose forward or reverse tilling by reversing hydraulic flow. Reverse tilling is good for breaking up hard ground and covering trash.
SRT62 offers a choice between low flow or high flow SRT76 is offered in high flow Low flow (14 to 23 gpm) and high flow (23 to 42 gpm) allow these tillers to fit a wide variety of skid steers.
Case drain hose Reduces back pressure on motor which increases power for tilling and protects outer seal.
1/4" Heavy duty deck and 3/8" heavy duty end plates Deck and end plates are built tough.
Replaceable skid shoes Keep bottom of end plates from wearing.
Bolt in spiral design rotor Reduces bouncing of tiller
Bolt-on tiller tines designed to attach with one bolt per tine Makes replacing tines fast and easy
Bi-directional hardened boron steel tines Tiller tines are built tough to last. Tines are sharpened on both edges to cut into the soil while operating forward or reverse. If bi-directional tines are used primarily rotating in one direction, they can be reversed (turned around) to extend their life.
Motor guard Protects motor, fittings, and hydraulic hoses from damage caused by bumping into objects around the motor.
Adjustable scarifier shanks constructed of hardened steel These shanks are built tough to rip up hard soil. They make tilling easier in hard soil.
Optional small flat face couplers or large flat face couplers Fits a wider variety of skid steers.


Model Number SRT76
Weight 880 lbs.
Tilling width 76"
Overall width 88 1/2"
Tilling depth 2", 4", & 5.6"
Depth indicator (Patent-pending) Depth indicator (Viewable from operator seat)
Hydraulic requirements  
Low flow motor Not available
High flow motor 23-42 gpm * 16-23 gpm with minimum 2600 psi
Hydraulic pressure range  
Low flow motor Not available
High flow motor 2300 psi min. / 4500 psi max.
Motor rpm (Depending on skid steer flow and pressure)  
Low flow motor Not available
High flow motor 133 to 244 rpm
Motor case drain Standard
Number of rotor flanges 11
Number of tines per flange 4
Tine construction Bi-directional forged harden “C” shaped
Direction of travel Bi-directional (forward and reverse)
Hitch type Universal Quick Attach Hitch
Side shift capabilities 6" To the right
Skid shoes Replaceable
Rotor swing diameter 18.3"
Number of shanks 6
Shank retainers Spring-loaded retaining clips2
Shank construction 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 16" Adjustable hardened steel with 3 adjustable depths
Deck plate 1/4" steel plate
End plates 3/8" steel plate

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