Land Pride RC5014

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Features Benefits
Surpassed rugged
industry standards
All Land Pride Cutters have been designed and tested and meet rigorous voluntary
testing procedures specified by ANSI.
Factory assembled Saves customer set-up time and money.
Fully welded deck Fully welded deck adds strength.
7 Year gearbox warranty* Shows confidence in gearbox.
250 HP Divider gearbox
210 HP center & wing gearboxes
A rugged heavy built gearboxes capable of handling heavy cutting applications.
Gearbox seal protection Gearbox bottom seal protection for longer bearing life.
2 3/8" Output gearbox shaft Large output shaft handles shock loads better.
Input driveline:
Cat. 6 CV or Cat. 5 Conventional
Holds up to shock loads and harsh mowing conditions. Constant velocity (CV) U-joint
allows for 80 degree turns without doing damage to the driveline.
Star profile drivelines Star profile spreads load out to many points on the shaft. More apt to resist bending and
twisting under shock loads and harsh mowing conditions.
Easy greasable drivelines Drivelines have access holes for greasing the U-joints and to grease the inner profiles.
4 Plate slip-clutch Protects drivelines and gearboxes by slipping clutches rather than twisting the driveline
when impacts are encountered.
High blade tip speed
(See specifications for actual FPM)
Allows for a clean cut of material and even distribution.
6" Blade overlap Generous blade overlap eliminates skipping, especially in turns.
High cutting capacity Can cut brushy areas with saplings up to 3".
10 1/2" Deck height Handles heavy cutting, which reduces balling-up of cut material under the deck.
3/16" Stump jumper backed
with a 1" thick mounting bar
Heavy round stump jumper with bottom gearbox seal protector. Can hold up to tough
3/16" Deck thickness Heavy enough to handle conditions but not weigh unit down.
Self-leveling pull-type hitch Reduces drawbar wear by keeping hitch level while going through ditches.
LED Signal lights LED lights are bright, long lasting, and resistant to vibration, unlike incandescent counterparts.
Hinged wing section Allow cutter to follow terrain. Ideal for rough ground where hillsides, ditches and hollows
can cause uneven cutting.
1" Solid hinge rods Larger diameter hinge rod gives greater strength to the cutter from front to rear, and in
the hinge area itself.
Wing transport lock Safety feature. Holds wing section up in case of hydraulic pressure loss.
Enclosed front to rear dual leveling
Dual leveling rods enable the cutter to pull equally on the rear axle during travel over
rough terrain. Many competitors only use one leveling rod.
Drain holes in wheel rims Allows water to drain from wheels mounted on the folded-up wing.
Helps prevent paint deterioration and rusting to the wheel rims.
5" Square rear axle tubing Heavy axle to handle harsh conditions.
Spring-cushioned center-axle Protects unit from bumps and ground shock.
Replaceable wheel spindles Wheel spindles can be replaced when damaged without replacing the entire axle.
Simply remove two bolts to replace damaged spindle.
Double swivel hitch Great for uneven terrain, reduces drawbar wear.
Bar-tite hitch Ideal for extreme conditions. Clamps tight to drawbar eliminating drawbar wear.
5 or 6 Wheel option Dual wheels on the outer wing are ideal when mowing in areas where the wing needs to
flex up hill. The outer wheel rides farther up the embankment and keeps the deck from
gouging. The extra wheel on the outer wing deck provides better load distribution.
Wheel options Laminated tires: Eliminates flats.
Airplane tires without foam filling: Give better cushion while transporting.
Airplane tires with foam filling: Give better cushion while transporting & can’t go flat.
Deck rings (optional) 1/2" x 3" full welded deck ring keeps blades from damaging the deck.


LandPride RC5014

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